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Phu Quoc Travel Guide

Located 10-degree North latitude, Phu Quoc is a tropical island whose closest landing point in Vietnam by sea is the town of Ha Tien, also in Kien Giang province and is 46 km away. Rach Gia city, the capital of the province is 120 km away and be reached by sea (2.5 hours) and by air (25 minute fly). Ho Chi Minh City is some 500 km away and is accessible by air (60 minutes fly).
How to get there?

    • By air: flights to and from Phu Quoc, flight times, booking and more.
    • By sea: all speed boat operators to and from Phu Quoc island, times and cost

When to visit?

High Season: The island Phu Quoc’s monsoonal sub-equatorial climate is at its best in the November to March period. Sunny skies and consistent temperatures of 25 - 28 Celsius (77-82 Fahrenheit) and lower humidity make it a good time to be here. On the down side, prices are high and the island becomes more congested. You won’t be alone in finding your way to Sao Beach and many of the most popular hotels and resorts are heavily booked long in advance. Flights can also be a real problem.

Shoulder Season: April - June and Sept - Oct can be good with less crowding, cheaper prices and reasonable odds of good weather. You will find that April and May are the hottest months with temperatures reaching 35 degrees and humidity around 80% to 85% that worth paying for air conditioning at this time of the year. June and late Sept can be good depending on luck with rain. In October many resorts schedule annual maintenance so check before you book.

Low Season: July and August is dominated by the monsoon and unless you enjoy some muddy adventure, it get can rather wet at times, though you can get lucky of course and have intermittent good weather. Monsoon seasons can be very wet and wild, with the continual rain during this time. Under prolonged deluges the red dirt roads turn to slippery sludge and roads become impassable. You may get lucky with some sun and prices are generally more competitive.

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